Seven Ways To Promote Your Free Offer

Your free offer by itself is simply not all that powerful. In fact, more often than not, free is only the first part of the equation. In order to work, your free offer needs to be promoted. While many of the best promotion vehicles are free themselves, there’s no power of free without promotion, traffic, and conversion. So here are seven ways to promote your free offer. While some will be blatantly obvious, there should be at least a few you may not have already thought of.

The first four are exactly the same as I listed in an earlier post titled “Five Ways to Promote Your Blog.”

Status Updates on Social Networks

For example, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Naymz, Plaxo, and Merchant Circle.

Partial Posts on Search Engine Friendly Free Blog Services

For example, Merchant Circle, Show Me Local, or the free blogs hosted by WordPress or Blogger.

Press Releases

For example, the press release announcing my free 20 Point SEO Website Analysis offer.

Article Directories

Add a link to your free offer in the resource box of original articles you submit to article directories.

That said, here are a few more that you may not have already thought of:

Pay Per Click Ads

Not just Google Adwords, but Facebook Pay Per Click as well. With Facebook ads, you are able to to target specific segments of their over 300 million active users by location, age, gender, and keywords.


Local directories such as Google Maps, Bing Maps and Merchant Circle offer you the opportunity to create coupons as part of your listing. You may also want to check out Ask Deals, the new coupon section of, the Freebies Forum at, and other coupon sites, such as Retail Me Not, Fat Wallet, or the Absurdly Cool Freebies Finder. Before you submit to any coupon site you should evaluate the hypothetical quality of the type of prospects you would likely attract.

Deep Link Directories

Another resource for promoting your free offer that you may not have already thought of are high Google page rank deep link directories. The reason deep link directories will help promote your free offer is because, by definition, you can link to any of your inside pages for example, a landing page for your free offer. While these directories are unlikely to generate much traffic, they should however, help you rank better in the major search engines for the long tail version of your offer.

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