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Yesterday I searched the key phrase, SEO tips, on three real time search engines: Twitter, Google Recent Results, and Tip Top Search and compared the results.

What Is Tip Top Search?

Tip Top is a new real time search tool you can use to find answers to questions from conversations people are currently having on Twitter. Tip Top assumes you will find useful tips for any topic you search and that those tips will be relevant because they represent experience and authority. Tip Top is meant to help people connect with other people already discussing the subject they are searching.

Why Can’t You Just Use Google Even If You’re Looking Specifically for Tips?

Of course you can, but Google sometimes includes old, misdirected, or even irrelevant search results. This is where Google Search Options Recent Results come in, or if you want even fresher results, simply choose Past 24 Hours or Past Hour.

The following are four of the first ten results when searching SEO tips yesterday on Twitter: As you can easily see, they are all diverse, but extremely relevant and useful.

tacimala Top 50 SEO Tips from Pubcon – – Awesome list.

GreenBuzzAgency Useful Tips Lowering the Bounce Rate on a website. Good SEO tips. –

grigoale SEO tips for YouTube

KEFmedia Top 10 SEO tips for PR professionals . Any more to add? #pr

With Twitter’s version of real time search, obviously, new results are added as soon as they have been tweeted.

When searching SEO Tips in Google and selecting the Recent Results search option, the following came up #1:

SEO for Public Relations – Top Ten Tips PRSA 09 – Online Marketing Blog
Nov. 10, 2009 – Today at the PRSA 09 conference it was a packed room for Top Rank CEO (and author of Online Marketing Blog) Lee Oddden, who gave a presentation on SEO for …

As a side note, notice how the Twitter urls that appear in Google search results are optimized with dashes between the words.

When searching SEO Tips in Google and not selecting any search option, the following relevant, awesome title, but really old result appeared first:

55 Quick SEO Tips Even Your Mother Would Love | Search Engine Journal from April 23, 2008.

When choosing the Google Search Option, Past Hour, the number one result was:

16 minutes ago – SEO Tips: What Are The Top Ten On-Page SEO Tasks To Do and To Avoid? via SEO Software For Professionals from Interleado November 19th, 2009 at 12:59 . . .

Again, as with Twitter, these results change continuously, and as time passes, newer blog posts and tweets will be added.

One of the top search results for SEO Tips in Tip Top was:

Top 50 SEO Tips from Pubcon –– Awesome list.

And finally, you don’t really have to add the word Tips to SEO when searching Tip Top, because, assumedly, all results in Tip Top will be tips anyway. When I did, however, although the results were different, the Tips from Pubcon tweet did come up in both.

So what conclusions can be drawn from these comparisons? Only that Google, when adding a search options feature, is for me anyway, the clear-cut winner.

First, both Twitter and Tip Top Search results include tweets only, while Google search option results include not only tweets, but also other universal (blended) results, for example, videos and blog posts.

Second, Google Search Options, themselves, are powerful features that enable customization, and for that matter personalization of your real time search results.

And third, while Twitter is what it is, Google is just scratching the surface in the area of real time search. Google Search Options are just the “tip of the iceberg,” so to speak, as Google Wave for real time communication and collaboration and Google Caffeine, the forthcoming Google search algorithm update, will, no doubt, change the face of real time search, and further differentiate Google from its real time search competition.

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