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PDF files have always been a great way to provide content in a format that’s not only easy to e-mail, but easy to print as well.

By using keyword research based key phrases in your PDF content, title, and description, PDFs uploaded to the web can even help your rankings in the major search engines. While PDFs are now easily indexed, prior to the Adobe acquisition of Macromedia, that was not the case.

When creating a PDF, make sure to enter the document properties, the same as you would for a Flash video. A PDF title and description are just as important to your optimization as they are for an html document. The title, followed by the description, for example, often becomes the search result. You’ll also want to complete the author and subject fields.

Another basic PDF optimization rule of thumb is to use more text than graphics. If you do add graphics, make sure to keep the file sizes as small as possible, and never convert your text to a PDF as part of one large image.

Most resources covering PDF optimization don’t include the tools you need to actually do the job. Instead they probably figure you’ll use the latest version of the Adobe PDF Writer, which at the time of this writing is Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro with a list price of $449.00. A viable alternative, however, is PDFill Printer. Although called a printer, it’s not really a printer at all, but rather a pseudo printer, so that when you want to create a PDF from another application, all you have to do is simply “print” it to the “PDF printer.” Because it’s freeware PDFill Printer has no free trial, no ads, and, of course, a list price of zero, and can be downloaded from CNet.

Last but not least, while there are other free PDF writers, if you want to optimize your PDFs, make sure the one you choose allows you to enter your document properties.

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