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What Does Launching Your Brand On the Web Actually Mean?

Launching your brand on the web is simply the digital version of a  traditional brick and morter grand opening. Examples include the launch of a new business, product, service, website or blog.

What Exactly Is the Brand Opening Toolkit?

The Brand Opening Toolkit is the set of tools we use to  promote your launch. You can no longer simply build it and they will come.  Not really sure you ever could!  The Brand Opening Toolkit attracts attention and drives traffic to your website or blog using many of the tools you are already well acquainted with from SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Press Release

The press release is easily the most powerful tool in the Brand Opening Toolkit. We write a press release to announce your launch and distribute it to the digital media.

If you’ve been wondering how you could ever get your launch in front of the right eyeballs, meaning the right people at the right digital media websites, a professionally written and distributed press release is your short answer.

Article Marketing

Most everyone has heard about article marketing and is familiar with how it works. In case for some reason you haven’t, the way it works is that we write an article that teaches or trains people about something related to your product or service, but without specifically promoting your business.

With Ezine Article, for example, promotion is reserved for a resource box that appears directly below your article. You’re allowed to provide one anchor text link, which, of course, is the most valuable kind. Anchor text links always include one of your primary key phrases as the text that is linked back to your website. With Ezine Articles you are also allowed to provide a regular url link, for example, but only in the resource box and never within the article itself.

Your article is also submitted to a second article directory called Amazines. Amazines eliminates the need for a resource box altogether by allowing you to include an anchor text link within the actual article and, as a result, is gaining popularity within the article marketing community.

Web Video Marketing

Web Video Marketing essentially works the same as article marketing, in that a training or teaching video is produced, optimized, and submitted to not only YouTube, but nine other video sharing sites as well.  Although YouTube is certainly not the only game in town, it is the most  popular, not to mention the fact that it now has the capability to include links superimposed over the video.

What Do I Do Next?

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