Pakistani Army Petrol Pump and Shopping Center


Pakistan’s Defense Minister told the Parliament that armed forces are operating at least 33 petrol pumps and 62 shopping centers and markets in different parts of the country.

In response to the question of the National Assembly of the People’s Party of Pakistan Peoples Party Begum Belm Hassan, the Ministry of Defense has written a written reply in the assembly, which also has 54 schools managed by armed forces in the areas of the Cantonment.

Belm Hassanin, who was elected on the special seat of women from Punjab, asked for the explanation of all the petrol pumps, business centers, private trade schools and other businesses from the Ministry of Defense, on the official land in the areas of the county.

They also asked how much income from these military projects had been made in the past two years and whether it was deposited in the national treasury, and if not why.

In his written reply, the Ministry of Defense did not show the income from petrol pumps, shopping centers and schools, nor did it tell whether or not this amount was deposited in the national treasury. However, it is said in the reply that related board of officers are calculating the total income and this statement will also be submitted in the house after completion of the process.

The Ministry of Defense says that the most important shopping centers and markets of the armed forces are in Lahore Circle, which are 35, while most of the petrol pumps are in Gujranwala Circular and Rawalpindi Circle. There are seven seven petrol pumps in the two circulars.

There are also 7 shopping centers of armed forces in the Quetta Tehreek-e-Taliban areas of Balochistan, whereas there are six shopping centers in the seven shopping centers and Rawalpindi Circle in Abbottabad Circle. Most of the schools are set up in Abbottabad Circle, which is 17.

According to the statement given by Ministry of Defense, in the Sargodha Circle, three petrol pumps, one shopping center, two petrol pumps in Multan Circle, one shopping center, 14 schools, four petrol pumps in Lahore Circle, 35 Shopping Center, 13 School Seven petrol pumps in Gujranwala Circuit, seven shopping centers, two schools, three petrol pumps in Hyderabad Circle and two shopping centers, two petrol pumps in Karachi Circle, seven shopping centers, three schools, seven petrol pumps in Rawalpindi Circle, six shopping centers Five schools and Abbottabad Circle have five petrol pumps, seven shopping centers and 17 schools.

It is clear that these are just details of the military business in the areas of shifted areas. Armed forces and semi-military institutions, such as Rangers also run petrol pumps, bakers and general stores in various local areas of the country, whose details are not included in the defense ministry’s response.


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