Online Shopping: fraud


Who is not interested in line shopping, many websites are prone to perverted cells and customers order their favorite items with great interest, but how does it feel if the parcel comes out after the parcel is received?

Sonakshi Sinha, the Indian actor of Saurashtriya Shastrogan Sinha, has called on social networking websites. Sadly speaking, we have told that what is the most popular website for standard online shopping.

Sonakshi, a large-scale online web hosting site, “Amazon”, is worth thousands of worthy of headphones, but when the parcel was received, it was overwhelmingly inspiring. From outside the iron pieces came out of the headphones and that too rusty.

While portraying this “patriarch” photoletters, Sonali tagged the website, “See, what was sent to me in order to order the headphones.” The worst thing is that even customer service staff does not want to help


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