We buy drugs above average
Food is growing fastest
We reach the global average in the purchase of dry goods

In online shopping we are above-average in Europe, in many categories the percentage of Czech shoppers is higher than in other European countries. According to Nielsen’s latest news, fashion is the largest portion of online shopping for Czech consumers, bought by 62% of consumers, consumer electronics (57%) and tickets (48%). More than 40% of respondents bought e-shop books, personal hygiene products, cosmetics and invested in travel. “A very high percentage of online drug buyers and nutritional supplements is an interesting and the biggest difference compared to the European and global average – up to 44% of Czech consumers buy this group online, while in Europe it is 23% and worldwide 27%” Senior Consultant of Nielsen Veronika Čapková, under whose patronage e-commerce players are.

The report shows that online purchases of both packaged and fresh foods have increased worldwide over the past two years. Two years ago, online purchases of packaged foods accounted for 17% and fresh food for only 11% of global consumers; 26% for fresh food. Veronika Čapková adds details to online food sales at home: “In the Czech Republic, the percentage of online food buyers is significantly lower than the global average, but when compared to the pan-European average and the surrounding V4 countries, the Czech Republic is also in the top segment. 17% of Czech consumers and fresh food purchased 14% of packaged food in 2018, with the most significant year-on-year increase in all product groups in both cases – in packaged food by 3 and in fresh by 4 percentage points in comparison with 2017. “ however, it is more open to buying packaged and fresh food online when e-shops offer them some options to buy and guarantee quality. Nearly half (48%) of Czech consumers said that free shipping at a minimal purchase would encourage them to buy food online. 44% of consumers would be motivated to buy food through an e-shop if a refund is guaranteed for products that do not match what was ordered. The third most commonly declared motive for 43% of consumers is free imports from Tuesday to Thursday every week.

In addition to food, Czech consumers are also more active in online shopping for drugstore products – personal hygiene, cosmetics and cleaning products, where we are even at the global average.

A very similar scenario for the gradual establishment of online FMCG sales has occurred in South Korea years ago, where online sales currently account for up to 20% of the total FMCG sector. While tracking developments in South Korea, which is considered a pioneering country, consumers can be traced to a certain model of online shopping. Regan Leggett, who is preparing Nielsen studies comparing trends across the world, explains the gradual changes in online shopping: “Traveling, fashion and books are typical categories that consumers start with online shopping. after the convenient solutions, as well as the confidence in this type of shopping, and the portfolio of purchased categories is beginning to expand with cosmetics or children’s products and later with food, this is evidenced by the significant leap in recent years in global online food shopping.


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