5 reasons for not paying online Pakistani


Globalization and information technology development has provided unique opportunities for people starting their personal business in less time and better way, to provide facilities to the customers, delivery and consumers.

This combination of technology and business led to bringing ecommerce, where product makers, distributors and consumers are connected to each other through internet and can buy items around the world.

This is the reason that famous e-commerce names such as Amazon, Ali Baba, eBay, and Friends have successfully made their names in international markets.

However, this sector, with great growth and attraction around the world, has not become a major industrial player in Pakistan.

As every market and part of its unique features are of its own unique features, the same slowdown has many economic, social and cultural reasons in the flourishing e-commerce of Pakistan.

First reason

Its first reason is to prioritize the traditional retail market of consumers and to look at stores like new cash and carry models.

Due to the lack of civil activities and limited opportunity for the entertainment, the concept of shopping for Pakistani users is a departure from daily routine and a fun outside of the home.

In urban areas, urban consumer models are preferred outside home shopping, where shopping with salvage saffron and family work together with both food items.

Contrary to the users of western countries, who rarely get time to shop stores, Pakistani citizens make shopping and enjoy family events in this way.

Second reason

The second main reason is the availability of fraud and fraud culture in Pakistani markets, where sellers hide their product defects.

In this situation, it is necessary for users to turn on the market and see the quality and quantity of what they want to buy.

This has appeared in many online shopping events, where the color, taste, size, shape and design of the product differ from the appearance shown on the website.

The presence of fraud in Pakistani business affects users’ e-commerce websites.

Third reason

The third reason is the absence of impressive discount on online websites, successful e-commerce successful names worldwide, have been able to achieve growth by discounting their customers.

Additionally, discounted prices offered by some websites are even more than the normal prices of the general retailer, which cause users to confuse.

Effective delivery of products to users through E-commerce should be shown as low prices.

Fourth reason

The fourth reason for increasing the confidence of people on e-commerce is the presence of non-branded and used products in Pakistani families’ budget.

Because of low salaries and inflation, local local markets are filled with low cost, non-branded household appliances, but E-commerce websites have to work in this regard.

Fifth reason

The fifth reason for the failure of eCommerce’s failure is that all of the online web sites are limited to users belonging to the upper middle class of the city, which are a limited part of the total users.

The middle class consumers, industrial consumers and retailers are classes that are not specifically introduced and presenting new products.

Additionally, logistics operations of existing e-commerce businesses are limited to cities, while the rural areas containing 60% of the population are completely ignored.

All online marketers should look at all these social, cultural, economic issues, to develop products that are worth buying for local markets and consumers.

Best of all, work like Ecommerce Business wholesale system that deals with local wholesale markets and give a huge discount on more purchases.

Organizers of eCommerce websites like every business should keep in mind that in terms of consumer confidence and reasonable prices, the moral practices of business, standard quality, secret pricing, and efficient delivery are the things that consumers’ hearts Can win


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