The S-400 Missile Defense System purchase deal is fixed.


Turkish Foreign Minister Mulud Shashsh Oglo said that the deal of the purchase of a S-400 missile defense system from Russia has been fixed. The truck has stopped offering a petite missile instead of the US military system.

Before the Turkish Foreign Minister, President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan has also made it clear that his country will not be able to deliver the S-400 missile defense system’s purchase deal.

Turkey’s decision has its NATO allies concerned, and it says it is not compatible with the military equipment of the North Atlantic Organization (NATO) contract, with the missile defense system. Apart from this, the Russian countries are the Russian President of the Turkish President There is also concern over the growing growing relationship between Vladimir Putin.

Turkey approved Turkey’s sale of 3 billion missile missile missiles in December last December. Turkey decided to report the missile defense system’s purchase agreement, and its anger was also shown on Turkey.

But President Erdogan said the next day, “Turkey is ready to buy Petite missiles from the United States” but this sale should protect our country’s interests. In this case, all three combined joint production, credit and delivery services is very important that it is a very good matter. “


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