NLC German company decides to manufacture freight vehicles


Keeping in mind the increasing need for vehicle-freight vehicles due to the China-China Economic Corridor Project (CP), the National Logistics Cell (NLC), along with the German company, is investing in auto sector. Decided to do it According to official sources, the German company will plant a plant to manufacture freight vehicles in Pakistan. Official officials with information regarding the progress said that NLC has decided to plant a plant under joint joint venture with Germany’s “Mon Truck Endbus Company” to prepare freight vehicles. In this regard NLC has initially decided to invest Rs. 50 crores to 70 crores. In the first phase, trucks will be made to meet the needs of the Pakistani army, and in the second phase, freight vehicles will be made in view of the demand for a financial transit. Initially 700 to 1000 vehicles will be made annually and then the production capacity will be increased accordingly. In this regard, under the Ministry of Industry and Production, Tariq Chaudhary, Chief Executive Officer of the Government Department of Engineering Engineering Development Board (CEO) Tariq Chaudhry confirmed that NLC jointly with Germany’s company to make freight vehicles As planned for planting. It is believed that the head of “Truck Trucks and Brews Company” is set up in Munich, Germany, Germany, and it is Europe’s leading international company regarding commercial vehicles and transport. The production 3 plants of this company are set up in European countries, besides the company’s other plants are also available in Russia, South Africa, India and Turkey. Sugar products will be exported to Gwadar Port for the first time in the Middle East and Africa, while various containers from rice to cotton are on the container, while some machinery is also available there for ongoing development work in Gwadar.


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