The method of losing weight quickly At Home

The method of losing weight quickly At Home


Healthy weight loss There are many diets and diets that support the idea of ​​losing weight fast, but they are usually unhealthy and ineffective. Health professionals have agreed that the reduction rate is about 0.45-0.91 kg weight per week
Weight loss tips Reduce calorie intake You should eat less calories than your usual intake, to make your body use other sources of energy in the body, which is fat, for women should eat no more than 1000 calories a day, it is Helps decrease approximately 0.90 kg per week, taking care Not to reduce calories significantly, or to eat less than 1200 calories a day, because it slows the metabolism, and therefore increase in weight again soon after.
For men should be reduced to approximately 500 calories each Day, to lose approximately 0.45 kg per week.
 Drinking plenty of water Drinking water helps to moisturize the body, which is one of the most important factors of weight loss, it maintains the metabolism, it is worth mentioning that it is necessary to re-moisturize the body after each night , Until the water that has been lost during sleep is replenished by drinking a glass of water and lemon Or oolong tea, which contains antioxidants.

Exercise The body's activity should be maintained for weight loss. Exercising improves metabolism and encourages the body to burn excess calories, Intermittent high intensity exercise is one of the most effective weight loss exercises. It is practiced at a fast pace for 30-60 seconds and then relaxed for a period of 10-15 seconds before starting again with vigorous and fast exercise. It is worth mentioning that the resistance movements help to decrease the weight
 Get enough sleep every day Take care to get enough sleep every day. The body repairs itself during sleep, regulates stress, hunger hormones, cortisol, and ghrelin. The more cortisol levels, When you eat more foods, it is always advisable to set up a bedside table where specific sleep times are set.

 Meal Planning Care must be taken to eat at regular times during the day, The thermocouple is faster, and this method helps to reduce the intake of the face Light snacks that contain high levels of fat, sugars, and careful not to skip breakfast are among the most important meals, because skipping does not get the essential nutrients, and the need to eat more snacks throughout the day.

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