Natural Herbs for the Treatment of Insomnia

Natural Herbs for the Treatment of Insomnia


For anyone suffering from trouble sleeping or insomnia and wants to treat the problem and disposal in this article and exclusively on the magazine Rajim first Arab in the world of fitness health and beauty know the most important natural herbs that treat insomnia
The organs of the body take full comfort during sleep, and there are many glands that do not do their full work except at bedtime, so we need complete rest every day for at least 7 hours. , Often suffer from depression, stress, promise to feel the balance, and may resort to some medicines and sedatives that help them to sleep, and take a sufficient amount of rest.

However, the majority of these drugs cause addiction to their components, and when trying to stop them may cause us nervous breakdown and stability, and the dispersion of thought, as a result of the body's return to the presence of components of these drugs every night, and therefore recommended specialists to resort to herbs and natural things that will help you to sleep without Caused by any side effects.

Treatment of Insomnia

1. The baking soda

Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of water and drink immediately before bedtime as a sleep aid and relieve joint pain (if you have arthritis or gout).

2. Toast bread with warm milk

It was customary to ask children to eat a glass of milk before bed, and this rule did not come out of the vacuum, but based on the fact that the scientific light that this snack can reduce tension, allowing better sleep. Studies have shown that eating warm milk free melatonin - sleep hormone - as well as hormone endorphins natural pain, which helps to relax and sleep. Eating complex carbohydrates or whole grains, whether in corn flakes or whole wheat toast, fills the stomach and prevents hunger, which can wake you up at night. Full grains also help to release the chemical serotonin in the brain, which gives relaxation.

3. Apple vinegar in the treatment of insomnia

Eating two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar dissolved in 10-12 ounces of water (one cup of 8 ounces) is very helpful in reducing acid reflux, which may prevent sleep. Joint pain and muscle pain may disappear completely or become much worse after taking this drink.

4. Best treatments for insomnia Natural honey

Natural honey is rich in potassium and other nutrients that work together to equate acidity, which saves you from acid reflux and helps to relax nerves and brain. Taking honey as well as helping to sleep calm, it helps to return to sleep if you wake up at a time earlier than supposed. You can take honey with a piece of toast and a cup of warm milk as the best snack in the evening.

5. Apple Slices

Eat apple slices immersed in honey to get rid of heartburn, feeling full and relax before bedtime.

6. Pineapple slices help in the treatment of slavery

If muscle aches are your insomnia, eating a few slices of pineapple before sleep can help you to sleep faster. It reduces muscle stiffness and pain.

7. Calcium and Magnesium

You can eat foods rich in calcium and magnesium before bedtime, such as whole grains, yoghurt, milk, cheese, almonds, cashews, sesame seeds, and calcium and magnesium in your diet.

8. Calming herbal tea and insomnia treatment

Many of the herbs are known to have a sedative and relaxing effect. The most effective ones are chamomile, lemon and mint. They can also be used in a relaxing bath and the best herbs are lavender.

9. Ground lettuce

Wild lettuce helps to relieve headaches, anxiety and joint pain that can damage your sleep quality and is known to act as a nerve enhancer.

10. Coffee with pomegranate oil

Yes .. Coffee !! This therapeutic recipe from my personal experience, I read it in a herbal medicine book and tried it very effective in bringing sleep, and better than all the hypnotics that may describe you any doctor. Simply place a few points (2-3 points) of the oil in a cup of coffee in a cup of coffee and drink it useful in the treatment of insomnia and will have a good sleep, God willing.

Most Famous Herbs For Insomnia Treatment

The most important herbs to treat insomnia drink only one cup of one of these herbs daily.

Anise herb

It is known that anise is one of the most important herbs that proved its ability to give the body more rest and relaxation. Drinking one cup a day means a comfortable and calm sleep, add milk to the anise and enjoy the best taste, or add to your cup a tablespoon of white honey To a teaspoon of anise and a cup of warm milk as the Russians and Germans usually do to enjoy the taste of anise before bedtime.

Meramia herb

It also helps reduce blood sugar, cleanses the body, lowers the temperature, prevents diarrhea, stimulates and strengthens the body, reduces joint pain and rheumatism, and treats respiratory distress and memory. Do you still think about adding a cup of Meramia herb to your day?

Chamomile grass

Chamomile has a special effect in calming the body in general, and relaxing the respiratory system in particular, it helps in cases of fatigue, insomnia and fear, it distances the nightmares that result from fear and self-distress and depression, and is one of the most important natural medicines in the treatment of mental diseases in general, .

Lavender herb

Lavender herb reduces the secretion of stress hormones produced by the body as a result of insomnia and fear. It also treats nervous tension and relaxes the respiratory system, so you should drink boiled one tablespoon of lavender every day before sleeping without additives to enjoy a calm relaxation and a comfortable sleep.

Tea of ​​Naridine

The neridine or nardine tea contains a natural hypnotic substance, similar to that produced by the body when relaxed, called adenosine. To get the best results from the tea of ​​nardine, tea leaves should be soaked in cold water for 6 hours,
And then put this water on the quiet fire until the boiling point, and drink at night before sleep without additives.

Coriander Herb

Do not use coriander on food only to give it taste, but it is also used as a treatment for insomnia and fatigue, boil a teaspoon of coriander powder, and drink at night, it treats the swelling of the abdomen and bowel cramps, reduces stress and helps to relax.


Ginger relieves the effects of headaches caused by nervous and psychological stress, relaxes the nerves, helps relaxation and quiet sleep. Eating a cup of ground ginger in honey daily will help you feel comfortable and relaxed.

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